Big Discount On Shipping Fee Cashback

Discount rules:

1.Activity Time : From 26th July to 30th October 2018 ;

2.Only Available for VIP & SUPER VIP customers;

3.Order Weight over 1KG ;

4.Available for below selected countries Only ;

5.Each order just can enjoy one kind of discount form;

How to enjoy the discount ?

1. Shipping fee of your current order does not change ;

2.The discount amount is based on the order shipping fee you paid since 1st to 30th/31st ;

3.Shipping Discount Coupon will be sent to your account on 10th of Next month and will be postponed if it is holiday ;

4.Coupon value : US$10 / US$20 / US$50 / US$100 / US$200 ( Period Of Validity : 60 days )

5.Wholesale7 All Rights Reserved;